How to Show Up at the Top of Google Search Results

One of the most common questions we get from clients are “How can I get my website to show up at the top of Google search results?” The answer to this is that there isn’t a formula to make it happen. Even Google’s Support page points out that no one can guarantee top ranking.

There are just so many factors and variables to rank to the top. Also, every search engine works differently. However, there are a few things that can be done to start showing up on Google.

First and foremost, quality content is the key to great site rankings. This may sound easy but it’s actually one of the hardest tasks when trying to make your way to the top of search results. Consistently publishing great content tends to produce more natural keywords you would probably never thought of during design stage of the website and that are often more targeted, resulting in better SEO. Have you ever asked yourself how potential customers might search for your specific services or products? Focus on creating content that your readers will find valuable. Content and context is an important driver for top search-engine results.

Another method to receive positive SEO is to make sure that the website’s design is easy to use, learnable, and effective. We put a lot of effort in the sites we build by making sure that all pages are user friendly and that all meta tags are properly filled in. Also, we make sure that all our websites load fast. Users may leave your site if they have to wait too long for the page to load. We efficiently do this by:

  • Optimizing and reducing image size
  • Enabling compression
  • Minify resources

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a website to have practical SEO. Every website we build is 100% Custom Designed, Search Engine Optimized, and comes with a Google Search Engine Submission.

In summary, the best practices for good SEO are the following:

  • Relevant Quality Content
  • Constantly Publish Relevant Content
  • Good User Experience
  • Metadata
  • Alt tags
  • Reducing page load times

Remember, writing quality content for your target audience should be your primary goal to attracts new visitors thus getting better search engine rankings.

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